2004 A group of expert professionals in Life Sciences and Information Technology decide to share their art of good work, joining their expertise and their passion to focus on the Life Sciences. LifeBee is founded to pursue with determination this purpose. After fifteen years, the team is cohesive in LifeBee.


The competence on business processes, on regulatory compliance, on technology innovation, along with the approach constantly aimed to excellence, make of LifeBee the reference for Consulting & Digitalization in the Life Sciences Industry.

Our projects

LifeBee’s projects result from knowledge and collaboration. Knowledge of the characteristics of the Industry, matured in the years of activity in the Life Sciences, and knowledge of the cutting-edge technological solutions. Collaboration with the local and international selected market leaders. By constantly focusing on the Customer’s targets, needs and constraints, LifeBee’s projects reshape the processes and bring innovation with new information systems, to enable the evolution of the Customer’s business, ultimate purpose of each LifeBee’s project.

Our attitude

LifeBee promotes a global, cutting-edge vision of the industry and of the emerging trends, and share it with its customers. This is why LifeBee collaborates with primary market analysts such as Gartner, and with its professionals plays an active role in several local and international industry Associations. Among them ISPE, in which the LifeBee CEO is President of Italy Affiliate and Chair European Affiliates, AFI, AFTI and PDA.



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Successful projects


Qualified professionals

What people say about us

LifeBee’s competencies are the most valuable when it comes to envision an effective approach to support regulated processes with proper technology. Their experience is solid in regulatory, pharmacovigilance, manufacturing, and specific sub-areas like laboratory and serialization. Their knowledge of the solutions and their experience in the implementation paths drives digital projects to be successful and cost efficient. Furthermore they deliver valuable support to the implementation activities, and help the organization across the change management process.

CIO – Multinational Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

Our collaboration with LifeBee is a long lasting one. Our relationship has always been characterized by highest professionalism and honesty. LifeBee has covered the role of the Consultant and System Integrator for our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Solution. In all the project phases we have always counted on LifeBee’s reliability and competence.

Plant IT Manager – Multinational Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

LifeBee has demonstrated expertise, methodology and proactivity in their collaboration with us in areas such as paperless, documentation, laboratory, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and maintenance management. This is why we consider LifeBee as a reliable partner for our Group for consulting studies, project management and delivery of digital solutions in our operational areas.

CIO – Multinational Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

I am really impressed with LifeBee services and support. Greetings to LifeBee Consultants for excellent support at the right time; it was amazing to work with a team of erudite and knowledgeable serialization consultants.

Project Manager – Multinational Pharmaceutical company

“We have been helped by LifeBee as Advisor in the development of new QC laboratories using LEAN design principles. Via multiple workshops and meetings, we performed a Lab efficiency study to minimize the need for new space by improving the work processes, and created a base for continuous improvement within the department and entire site. LifeBee turned out to be a very capable and reliable partner, demonstrating both the technical competences and communication skills, ensuring that the project expectations and objectives were met.”

Director Operational Quality – Multinational API

We have been working with LifeBee since many years on different projects . We have been able to appreciate the competence and the independence of judgment of LifeBee together with the high quality standard of LifeBee services.

Managing Director – Multinational Chemical/Pharmaceutical Group

We have been working with LifeBee for the last several years and we consider LifeBee as a competent and totally reliable partner. We engaged them in both feasibility studies and digital projects, such as the delivery of the Project Management solution for several company areas, the system implementation for production operational management and performance measurement, the advisory to GxP validation activities, the company serialization project. In every activity carried out together, LifeBee has demonstrated competence, organizational ability, precision in documentation, continuity and presence also in the post-project support.

Global Demand Manager – Multinational Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

We have been working in the last years with LifeBee in Pharmacovigilance and Quality Management area. In its activity, LifeBee has always proved its competence, reliability and capability of prompt response to possible emergencies.

CIO – Multinational Medical Device Company

Through the years, LifeBee Team have been working for us in preliminary and feasibility studies and projects, proving their competence and totally reliability in conceptual studies as well as in digital delivery projects, mainly in the area of Labs, Quality Assurance and Serialization. Each activity has been addressed with competence, organisational capabilities, accuracy and continuity.

Head of Information Technology, Nutraceutical & Pharma Multinational Group


Teresa Minero

Founder & CEO

Elvis Graffeo


Raffaella Vaiani


Marco Torciani


Alberto Augeri

Managing Consultant

Alessandro Mazzi

Managing Consultant

Mirka Broccato

QP&GMP Compliance Executive Consultant

Giorgio Civaroli

Senior Principal Consultant

Francesco Di Landro

Senior Principal Consultant

Fabrizio Losi

Senior Principal Consultant

Alessandro Raffone

Senior Principal Consultant

Massimo Vivona

Senior Principal Consultant

Alberto Molteni

Senior Principal Consultant

Luca Canari

Principal Consultant

Paola Casapulla

Principal Consultant

Karim El Sayed

Principal Consultant

Isabella Mariani

Principal Consultant

Alessandro Pelizzi

Principal Consultant

Valerio Bizzocchi

Senior Consultant

Luca De Stefano

Senior Consultant

Antonella Izzo

Senior Consultant

Luca Manfro

Senior Consultant

Deborah Pupilla

Senior Consultant

Elena Urso

Senior Consultant

Alberto Alì


Paolo Donato


Maria Luisa Lotito


Valeria Passerini


Mauricio Rivera


Valerio Minero


Elvira Musmarra

Business Development Executive

Monica Falcinella

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Antonella Tasca



A bee. Vital, active, dynamic, diligent, hardworking.
LifeBee chose the bee for its logo, to represent the essence of the company and the approach wanted by its founders.
The bee, gathering and spreading the pollen, allows life to born and born again.
Consultants, similarly, mature experiences and competences with their own ability and work, and continuously apply them into the new and different projects to be developed.
The bee lives of its own work, feeds from the pollen, and makes possible the generation of new fruits.
LifeBee aims to create with its customers an active work team in the regulated Life Sciences environment, where the competences generate new ideas, new projects, and always new fruits.
The bee endlessly looks for new flowers, transforms the pollen into honey, and allows the fruits to grow.
The LifeBee team continuously analyses the criticalities and the opportunities of the Life Sciences industry, develops projects and creates new paths for the innovation, to allow its customers to cope with their challenges, on sound basis, with passion and determination.


With relentless industriousness, LifeBee strives every day to walk customers along their progressive path of value empowerment.


Only acting in an integrated way, welding systems and processes, thought and action, consulting and technology, you can build a fruitful, work-ethic environment. As a beehive.


Innovation, when not just linear, but side leap, happy intuition, becomes invention. As inventive as pollination.


Seeing inside to capture the real need, the need that sometimes has not been seen yet, tailoring the perfect project. Perfect as the honey.


Integrity of relationship, integrity of project. Truth, confidence, rightness. As bees, which can live only in a pure environment.

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