Production, Logistics, Maintenance

Digitalizing Manufacturing as a whole living organism

Manufacturing is a living organism

With some tenth of studies, integrations and actions in fourteen years, in Italy and abroad, LifeBee is a witness and a direct actor of the evolution of the operational cycle in Pharma Plants.
In LifeBee’s view, logistics and production are the direct creators of the Plant value chain, in strict cooperation with Quality Assurance and Quality Control, with Engineering and Maintenance to get further value from assets, once considered a mere cost.
Digitalization of this value chain with a lean approach, in a Data Integrity perspective since 2004: this is what LifeBee can bring to your operations, with the suitable solutions joining the Best Practices.

Digitalizing Manufacturing, as a whole

  • Process mapping for EBR deployment
  • Material flow analysis and definition
  • Maintenance & Asset Management system definition
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WCS (Warehouse Control System) definition and design
  • Equipment integration for Batch Data collection, Event detection, Process Analysis, Predictive Maintenance
  • Production process transformation with Lean approach
  • Lean assessment Manufacturing process and Action Plan definition
  • Lean Quality Control: Processes, Infrastructures, Layout