Quality Assurance

Process knowledge, quality metrics, involvement in evolution: drive the improvement

Quality Assurance: where all the processes cross their paths

Quality Assurance is much about documentation (SOPs, Work Instructions, Quality Manual, Record Management, much more), and actions on the processes (Quality events, CAPA, Complaints, Compliance, much more).
Yet, Quality Assurance is first of all process knowledge, signals detection, involvement in evolution. Hard to do on paper and worksheets, you may miss the big picture.
Even more: for the Authorities, and for yourself, Quality Metrics and KPIs are increasingly gaining centrality. To snapshot the state of the art, to drive the improvement.
Impossible to do on paper and worksheets, not in these terms.

Where efficiency is substance

  • QMS (Quality Management System) and DMS (Document Management System), chosen, harmonized and configured for your needs.
  • This is what LifeBee does, working with the world-class market leaders, providing support and validation according with your policy.
  • Leveraging the good practices, with sustainable solutions, to suit your process vision.