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Lean Lab is dedicated to the world of Analysis Laboratories, for a continuous in-depth professional review. It is the yearly important occasion for players and influencers to debate and take stock of the continuous evolution of Labs in results quality, information reliability, activities efficiency, Lab integration into the Company processes and into the Community service cycle.

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As in the past editions, also for Lean Lab 2018 LifeBee proposes the survey on the state of the art of Labs’ improvement. It is a poll about topics, trends and issues of Laboratories, with Lab Managers and their interlocutors, as Quality Assurance, Production, Logistics, Information Technology. The aggregated results of the survey will be presented and discussed during the workshop, and sent to all the participants. A smartbox for two people will be drawn among all the participants. LifeBee guarantees the full anonymity and confidentiality of your feedbacks. If you want to take a survey please click on the button below.

Please, provide your answers and opinions by September 20, 2018.

For further information please contact marketing (at) lifebee.it

In 9 editions since 2009: 433 attendees from 122 Organizations, 42 Speakers from 31 Organizations, 7 surveys on the state of the art.

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