A bee. Vital, active, dynamic, diligent, hard working.

LifeBee chose the bee for its logo, to represent the essence of the company and the approach wanted by its founders.

The bee, gathering and spreading the pollen, allows life to born and born again. The consultants, similarly, mature experiences and competences with their own ability and work, and continuously deploy them into the new and different projects to be developed.

The bee lives of its own work, feeds from the pollen, and makes possible the generation of new fruits.
LifeBee aims to create with its customers an active work team in the regulated Life Science environment, where the competences generate new ideas, new projects, and always new fruits.

The bee endlessly looks for new flowers, transforms the pollen into honey, and allows the fruits to grow. The LifeBee team continuously analyses the criticalities and the opportunities of the Life Science industry, develops projects and creates new paths for the innovation, to allow its customers to cope with their challenges, on sound basis, with passion and determination.



A group of expert professionals in Life Science and Information Technology decide to share their art of good work, joining their expertise and their passion to focus on the Life Science only. LifeBee is founded to pursue with determination the purpose. After more than ten years, the team is united with cohesion in LifeBee.


 The competence on the business processes, on the regulatory compliance, on the technology innovation, along with the approach constantly aimed to excellence, make of LifeBee the reference for Consulting and System Integration in the Life Science industry.

 The projects

 LifeBee’s project are the fruit of knowledge and collaboration. Knowledge of the characteristics of the industry, matured in the years of activity in the Life Science and of the cutting-edge technological solutions. Collaboration with the local and international selected market leaders. By constantly focusing on the Customer’s targets, needs and constraints, LifeBee’s projects reshape the processes and bring innovation with new information systems, to enable the evolution of the customer’s business, ultimate purpose of each LifeBee’s project.

 The market coverage

LifeBee promotes a global, cutting-edge vision of the industry and of the emerging trends, and share it with its customers. This is why LifeBee collaborates with primary market analysts such as Gartner, and with its professionals plays an active role in several local and international industry Associations. Among them ISPE, in which the LifeBee CEO is Vice-President of the Italy Affiliate, AFI, AFTI e PDA.

More than 20 years of experience in Life Science from LifeBee’s professionals
More than 50 customers
More than 400 successful projects
  • Active Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • CROs
  • Research Centers
  • Natural Health
  • Animal Health
  • Homeopathics
  • Technical Gases
  • Cosmetics
Teresa Minero
Teresa Minero
Founder & CEO
Alberto Augeri
Alberto Augeri
Elvis Graffeo
Elvis Graffeo
Marco Torciani
Marco Torciani
Raffaella Vaiani
Raffaella Vaiani