we love our future

We love our future

LifeBee joins SPS Italia in supporting “ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco” in Milan.

We have chosen to make a concrete contribution to support this national center of excellence, a current important reference point for the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.

Our full support goes to the men and women of the Sacco Hospital in Milan.

LifeBee con SPS Italia ❣️ We love our customers, we love our future ❣️

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Quality and Industry 4.0 a Lucca

Teresa Minero, in her capacity of ISPE Italian Affiliate President, chairs the round table organized by SPS IPC DRIVES, on Wednesday morning, March 28, 2018 in Lucca, at the Auditorium Cappella Guinigi. The round table is dedicated to “Quality and industry 4.0: territorial experiences in Pharma” (“Qualità e industria 4.0: esperienze territoriali in ambito Pharma”). Regione Toscana and Confindustria Toscana Nord, patronizing the event, will present the initiatives put in place for the development in the key of 4.0 of the companies in the territory. Kedrion, Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson will compare their challenges in the 4.0 frame with several providers of products and solutions for industrial automation and digitalization. https://www.spsitalia.it/2236/programma-lucca.html

LifeBee participates in ISPE ANNUAL CONFERENCE

LifeBee actively participates in ISPE ANNUAL CONFERENCE (Rome, March 19-22, 2018). This a unique opportunity for the numerous ISPE members to meet and share their experiences, and take part in a rich, international level programme. Four parallel sessions: Factories of the Future, Pharma 4.0, Data Integrity, Mass Serialization. Co-chair of the conference is Brendan Curry from EMA. Among the participants several Regulator Agencies as FDA, EMA, MHRA. https://ispe.org/conferences/2018-europe-annual-conference

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