Project & Portfolio Management

Guide your complex projects: your PMO is key.

Strengthen your Project Management Office

Whether you are managing your R&D programme and product pipeline, or developing your ICT plans company-wide, or dimensioning your widespread, worldwide Production & Engineering improvement actions, your PMO will be foremost.
A sound PPM solution, together with targeted organization and a well-designed data structure will be the operational basis to manage the challenge. Needless to say, even better when integrated with Company management systems.
LifeBee has a sixteen-year success rate in implementing the best solutions geared for your reality with leading solutions from worldwide major players, providing you with what your PMO will thrive from and guiding your complex projects.

Some comments from our projects, in collaboration with world-class solution market leaders.

The successful Centralization of projects and project data.
The tracking of projects and plans, assuming the big picture of future interactions and progress.
Unified support towards business, R&D plans and projects.
Smooth and effective reporting to Management at all levels.
A standardized approach