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Lean Lab is dedicated to the world of Analysis Laboratories, for a continuous in-depth professional review. It is the yearly important occasion for players and influencers to debate and take stock of the continuous evolution of Labs in results quality, information reliability, activities efficiency, Lab integration into the Company processes and into the Community service cycle.

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Laboratory: Lean, Digitization and Data Integrity

The 10th Edition of Lean Lab was held on the 17th of October in Milan – one of the most important moments of professional development dedicated to Life Science sector Analysis Laboratories.

The event, created and presented by LifeBee, was held at the Four Points by Sheraton in Milan and served as a chance for every member of the sector to take stock of the continuous evolution in the quality of results, in the reliability of information, in the efficiency of activities, in the integration of the Laboratory in company processes and in the service cycle within the community.

During the day, company representatives from within the sector took part in speeches and testimonials, to name a few: Michele Bosi of Valpharma International, Cristina Lecci of Evotec, Marzio Mercuri of Polpharma SA, Andrea Taiani of Merck Group, Giorgio Tarocco, Silvio Carlo Ciociano and Andrea Beccarelli of Zambon, Rosa Buonfiglio by Angelini, Marcello Casali and Giulia Rivan of DiaSorin.

At the end of the event, the results of the “Laboratory: Lean, Digitization and Data Integrity” survey were presented, which includes a significant number of Managers and Laboratory Operators every year.

Conducted by LifeBee during the months of August and September 2019, the survey engaged companies of varying sizes and areas of activity, with the aim of:

● analyzing state of the art laboratory processes and systems during their perceived critical issues, areas for improvement and support gathered from information systems

●  analyzing evolution based on the same statistical surveys carried out in previous years

The survey participants were mainly laboratory managers, laboratory analysts, information systems managers and process improvement managers participated in the survey with a well-distributed sample, with both laboratory type and professionals taking part. The sample reflects the predetermined goal LifeBee had set itself, namely to generate discussion and observation points relating to information systems and efficiency in the laboratories.

Since 2009, LifeBee has championed growth in Lean Lab pro-action and thinking, and throughout this journey we have shared the ideas and experiences of those who apply the approach in industrial realities and services, developing its potential.

For more info: Monica Falcinella – LifeBee Srl – Sales and Marketing Assistant – 340 7938834 – m.falcinella@lifebee.it

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In Lean Lab’s 10 years, it has convened over 650 participants, 52 Italian and international speakers and conducted 9 surveys on state of the art laboratories.

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