Feasibility Studies

Proven methodology to conceive, design and select the best digital and process solution in full compliance. We cover our clients essential demands, looking now and to the future.

Tactics & Vision

A system for a process.
The good news is that the 21st Century market offers so much in terms of Digitalizaton prospects.
Yet in what context, what perspective, what real alternative and with what sustainability for a single business?
What is the demonstrable, reliable and objective choice? That it’s long-lasting, changing with company changes?
LifeBee offers usable Feasibility Studies as a reliable, proven tool to make choices for the present day and into the future.

Some matters we are used to dealing with:

  • Process Analysis, Gap Analysis, URS, Software Solution Selection, Project Plan, Vendor Evaluation
  • Is it better to change your ERP? And if so what is the most suitable solution for the Company?
  • What are the tangible benefits from an Electronic Laboratory Notebook?
  • What reduction in non-value-added activitiy can be seen with the Lean approach in logistics, quality and labs?
  • Which improvements in compliance can be observed from the sustainable introduction of a new digital solution?
  • What efficiency and compliance improvements can be obtained from the integration of instruments and equipment?