LifeBee for Life: a new forest in Cameroon with Treedom

Summer 2021. Numerous forest fires have been in the news in various countries, from Italy to Canada, via Turkey and Finland. The causes? Climate change and prolonged drought, but also human neglect and carelessness, among the main ones. “Climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying… From the 1960s to today, CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 30%“, confirms the alarm of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN body dedicated to the study of climate, which yesterday released the VI Report on climate change at planetary level (AR6). It is a global phenomenon and concerns each and every one of us. LifeBee intends to contribute concretely to the protection of biodiversity and has chosen to support Treedom once again, launching a new reforestation project: the “LifeBee for Life Forest“, 200 new trees planted in Africa. Visit our forest LifeBee is part of the green revolution through its constant commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and its contribution to absorb them by planting trees: to date it has already contributed to plant 245 trees in Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Haiti. LifeBee for Life: make the planet green!