Teresa Minero speaker at UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Today Teresa Minero took part as Speaker, in the guise of both ISPE and LifeBee, at the XIV Seminar “How Robotics, AI and Big Data are driving the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry”, organized by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with the participation of Alejandro Rivera, Shahid Hasan, Christhoph Herwig e Toni Manzano. “The pharmaceutical industry is steadily heading towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advancements in AI and BigData are accelerating the development process of medicines and vaccines by improving the accuracy of patient selection for clinical trials and providing a better insight into patient behaviour to increase drug delivery and effectiveness. The COVID-19 pandemic has reconfirmed the need for building and strengthening local capacities to produce essential medical products, including vaccines, antibiotics and personal protective equipment. This session examined the potential of 4IR technologies to support production of pharmaceuticals in the context of current global trends.” It was a pleasure and an honor for LifeBee to attend this session and to share knowledge!